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Meet MOT Finnish - English, our most popular dictionary!


When it comes to popularity, there has always been one dictionary above the others in our dictionary selection: for the longest time, MOT Finnish–English has topped our sales and usage charts, and it may indeed be the most widely used fully bilingual comprehensive digital English dictionary in Finland today.

Over the years, MOT Finnish–English has been compiled and edited by a professional team of English language experts. The driving idea has been to make an extensive large high-quality Finnish-English dictionary for Finnish users. Three main principles guide our editorial work: 1) user-friendliness, 2) lexicographical quality, and 3) keeping the dictionary up-to-date.


Giving the users what they need

To be as user-friendly as possible, a digital dictionary should offer easy and quick look-ups and contain well-formed information to help the user understand and produce the target language. To this end, in MOT Finnish–English the most common vocabulary has been given detailed articles that explain the different meanings of a given word. In addition to comprehensive general language vocabulary, the dictionary contains terminology from many specialist fields. The differences between British and American English have been taken into account, and phonetic notation is used to demonstrate how to pronounce words in English.

In addition to basic grammatical and stylistic information, MOT Finnish–English also contains plenty of phrases and idioms as well as usage examples which have proved to be extremely important to users. We listen carefully to our users’ feedback and wishes and the dictionary is updated regularly using modern lexicographical methods and tools.

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MOT: parhaat kielityökalut

MOT tarjoaa laadukkaat ja helppokäyttöiset kielenkäytön työkalut: sanakirjat ja kielioppaat, käännökset, kielentarkistukset ja omat sanastot. Tarpeidesi mukaan – töihin, kouluun ja kotiin.

"MOT-sanakirjat ovat todella käteviä sanavaraston laajentamisessa. Aina kun eteeni tulee uusi sana, katson sen MOTista omasta puhelimesta. Pelkkä merkityksen ymmärtäminen ei riitä kielenopettajalle, vaan opiskelijoita varten sanan suomenkielisen vastineen on oltava hallussa. Pitkäjänteisellä ja säännöllisellä MOT-sanakirjojen käytöllä olen pystynyt nostamaan kokonaisten ryhmien vieraan kielen osaamistasoa."

Arto Kalliokoski
Kieltenopettaja, Seinäjoen lukio